Our Story

While I was President of Phi Delta Theta at Lehigh University, one of the biggest struggles that I faced was trying to manage the chaos that is fraternity recruitment (especially during rush). Our Recruitment Chair was an incredibly personable guy and could talk to anyone about why they should join our chapter. When it came to trying to organize the process though, he was overwhelmed and he needed help. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a clue as to how to do that. When I ended my term as President, Greg transitioned from Social Chair and was elected President. Having witnessed first hand the headaches caused by recruitment, Greg knew he needed to come up with a solution. Being the computer whiz that he is, Greg went to work to solve our problem, the result was GreekPillar. The following rush period, our chapter used GreekPillar and the impact was greater than anyone could have imagined. It revolutionized the way we managed recruitment and Greg along with the rest of our chapter successfully avoided some major stress. That’s when I realized that Greg had created something special. We couldn’t possibly be the only chapter facing these same exact problems so Greg and I decided to team up to further develop the platform to help other chapters solve their recruitment troubles. Fast forward to today and we are doing just that.